> September Photo-a-day

September 1st - Back to school
September 2nd - The fabulous Fifties
September 3rd - Perle (Pearl)
September 4th - Laundry Day
September 5th - First homework
September 6th - Curious
September 7th - Messy desk
September 8th - Well... it's really over for us
September 9th - Making shadows
September 10th - Guests
September 11th - Laetitia's tomatoes
September 12th - Quiet time
September 13th - Baking for school
September 14th - New hobby
September 15th - Put your dancing shoes on
September 16th - Cat toy
September 17th - Play time
September 19th - My other hobby
September 21st - New bathroom
September 22nd - Blue's Clues
September 23rd - Childhood memories
September 24th - Innocent enough
September 25th - Just groovy!
September 27th - Girls are in da house
September 28th - Ready to go!
September 29th - Let's get this show rolling!
September 30th - Today is my birthday...